Private LLMWorld’s First Private AI Chatbot

Tired of subscription fees and worried about your privacy? Experience the power of AI at your fingertips with Private LLM, AI chatbot that runs on your iPhone®, iPad® and Mac without needing an internet connection. A one time purchase lets you download and use the app on all of your Apple devices. Share it with your family with family sharing.

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Personal GPT - A private, on-device AI Chatbot for iOS and macOS | Product Hunt
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Experience the Power of Private LLM

A versatile AI chatbot designed for privacy, convenience, and creativity

One-time Purchase

Enjoy unlimited access to your personal AI chatbot with a single investment. Say goodbye to subscription fees and embrace a lifetime of value.

Privacy Guaranteed

Your data stays secure and confidential with Private LLM. Our chatbot operates completely offline, ensuring no tracking or data sharing.

Always Accessible

Stay productive anytime, anywhere with Private LLM's offline functionality. No internet connection required for seamless assistance.

AI-Powered Summarization

Effortlessly save time and reduce complexity by utilizing Private LLM to swiftly analyze and summarize lengthy paragraphs easily

Generate Ideas

Unlock your creative potential with Private LLM's insightful suggestions and ideas, perfect for brainstorming and problem-solving.

Learning Chatbot

Enrich your learning experience with Private LLM's capability to deliver concise and relevant insights on a wide range of topics.