Private LLM Press Kit

Dive into the world of Private LLM, the leading offline AI chatbot tailored for iOS and macOS, designed with privacy at its core. This press kit provides all the necessary resources and details for media coverage of Private LLM. For any additional information, please contact our press team.

1. Introducing Private LLM

Experience local, private AI like never before with Private LLM. This revolutionary chatbot, available through a one-time purchase, functions entirely offline, offering unparalleled privacy and data security on iOS and macOS devices. Beyond a chatbot, Private LLM is your gateway to unleashing creativity, enhancing productivity, and simplifying learning. Embrace the future of AI without subscriptions or privacy concerns.

2. Key Features

  • Offline Functionality: With Private LLM, your AI companion is always available, no internet required.
  • Open-Source AI Model Support: Choose from a diverse range of open-source LLM models, including Google Gemma and Mistral families, for a tailored AI experience.
  • Integration with Siri and Apple Shortcuts: Execute complex AI tasks seamlessly with voice commands and shortcuts, no coding needed.
  • One-Time Purchase for Universal Access: Enjoy across all your Apple devices with Family Sharing for up to six people, subscription-free.
  • Advanced AI Language Services: Benefit from AI-enhanced grammar, summarization, and multilingual support across macOS applications.
  • OmniQuant Quantization: Experience superior model performance with our advanced quantization technique that ensures fast and high-quality text generation.

3. Technology & Performance

Private LLM harnesses the power of leading-edge AI technology, including support for an array of open-source models optimized for Apple hardware. Our commitment to innovation is showcased through the OmniQuant quantization process, ensuring our models deliver the best performance and accuracy with minimal computational requirements. Stay tuned for our ongoing advancements and free updates, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with offline AI.

4. Visuals & Media Assets

High-resolution screenshots are available to illustrate the versatility and user-friendly interface of Private LLM across iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. These visuals are prepared for both digital and print media use, highlighting the app's features and seamless operation.

Download Media Assets Here

5. Logo Use

Access to the Private LLM logo and branding assets is provided to enhance your coverage. We kindly ask for the preservation of our logo and brand integrity in all applications, ensuring an accurate portrayal of Private LLM's ethos and services.

Private LLM logo

6. Direct App Store Access

Facilitate your audience's discovery of Private LLM with our QR code, leading directly to the App Store listing. Optimized for easy integration in digital formats, this QR code streamlines the path to exploring Private LLM.

Private LLM App Store QR code

For promotional materials and more information about Private LLM on the App Store, visit Apple Media Services.

7. Media Contact

For any further inquiries, please contact our press team:

Please note: This press kit is intended for media use. If you are not a member of the media and you have questions about Private LLM, please contact our customer service team.