Private LLM Press Kit

Welcome to the press kit for Private LLM: your private AI chatbot. Here you will find all the resources and information you need to cover the launch of our app. Please feel free to download any materials for use in your publications. For any further inquiries, please contact our press team.

1. About Private LLM

Private LLM is a revolutionary AI chatbot designed for privacy, convenience, and creativity. With a one-time purchase, users get a local chatbot that operates entirely offline, ensuring data remains secure and confidential. Private LLM is not just an chatbot—it's a tool for generating creative ideas, and enhancing learning experiences. Available on iOS (iPhone® and iPad®) and macOS®, Private LLM is AI at your fingertips, without subscription fees or any concerns about privacy.

2. Features

  • Offline Functionality: Stay productive anytime, anywhere with Private LLM's offline functionality. No internet connection required.
  • Privacy Guarantee: Private LLM operates completely offline, ensuring no tracking or data sharing. Your data stays secure and confidential.
  • Idea Generation: Unlock your creative potential with Private LLM's insightful suggestions and ideas, perfect for brainstorming and problem-solving.
  • Learning Chatbot: Enhance your learning experience with Private LLM's ability to provide concise, relevant, and accurate information on various topics.
  • One-Time Purchase Say goodbye to subscription fees and embrace a lifetime of value with Private LLM.
  • Family Sharing: Share the app with your family and extend the benefits of AI to everyone.

3. Technology

Private LLM is currently powered by a 3 billion parameter large language model (RedPajama-INCITE-3B) that has been further fine tuned (SFT) and quantised down to run efficiently on Apple Silicon devices. We’re currently building and training a set of more performant and efficient models with custom architectures, which will be made available to our users when they’re ready, as free updates to the app.

4. Screenshots

We have made a selection of high-quality screenshots available for download, showcasing the key features of Private LLM. These screenshots are suitable for use in both print and digital media.

Press Kit iPhone Screenshot OnePress Kit iPhone Screenshot Two
Press Kit iPhone Screenshot ThreePress Kit iPhone Screenshot Four
iPad Screenshot One
iPad Screenshot Two
iPad Screenshot Three
iPad Screenshot Four
macOS Screenshot One
macOS Screenshot Two
macOS Screenshot Three
macOS Screenshot Four

5. Logo

Download the Private LLM logo and other brand assets to use in your publications. Please do not alter the logo or use it in a way that misrepresents Private LLM.

Private LLM logo

6. App Store QR Code

To make it easier for your readers to access Private LLM on the App Store, we've provided a QR code that links directly to the app's listing. Simply scan the QR code with a mobile device to be taken straight to the App Store page. This QR code can be included in your digital media for easy app access.

Please download the QR code image for use in your publications. The use of the QR code should align with the presentation of Private LLM as outlined in this press kit.

(Note: The QR code should only be used to direct users to the official App Store listing for Private LLM, and not be altered or used in a way that misrepresents Private LLM or leads to other sites or apps.)

Private LLM App Store QR code

7. Media Contact

For any further inquiries, please contact our press team:

Please note: This press kit is intended for media use. If you are not a member of the media and you have questions about Personal GPT, please contact our customer service team.