Improve Your Email Communication with the Rephrase Email AI Shortcut

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Handling emails can be time-consuming, especially when trying to make your responses professional and concise. With the Rephrase Email shortcut, you can leverage the power of AI to quickly rephrase your emails, making them clear and polished.

How the Shortcut Works:

The Rephrase Email shortcut simplifies the process of rephrasing your emails. Here's how it works:

  1. The shortcut receives the text input from various sources, such as Share Sheet and Quick Actions.
  2. You instruct Private LLM to rephrase the given text, making it more professional while keeping it short and simple.
  3. The shortcut starts a new chat with Private LLM to process the rephrasing request.
  4. It copies the rephrased text to the clipboard for easy access.

Use Cases:

The Rephrase Email shortcut is incredibly versatile. It can be used for professional communication, allowing you to quickly rephrase emails to sound more professional, which is perfect for business settings. It's also useful for academic correspondence, helping you refine emails to professors or colleagues to ensure clarity and professionalism. Even for personal use, this shortcut can enhance the tone and style of your emails without spending too much time.

Using the Rephrase Email shortcut with Private LLM offers numerous benefits. Since Private LLM operates locally, your email content never leaves your device, ensuring complete privacy. The shortcut is a significant time-saver, quickly generating polished text without extra editing. Its simple integration with iOS and macOS makes it user-friendly and accessible.

We encourage you to download this shortcut and customize the prompt to make it your own. This is just one example of how you can use Private LLM and Apple Shortcuts to create your own AI workflows without writing any code. By tailoring the prompt to suit your specific needs, you can enhance the functionality of this shortcut even further. Whether you need to rephrase emails for different contexts or want to explore other text generation tasks, Private LLM makes it easy and secure.

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