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Introducing Help Me Write, a powerful Apple shortcut designed to enhance your writing experience. This shortcut integrates seamlessly with Private LLM to generate tailored responses, refine your drafts, and elaborate on your ideas, all while keeping your data private and secure on your device.

How Help Me Write Works:

  1. Select the person you're writing to from a customizable list of common contacts.
  2. Choose between two modes: responding to messages or refining your own drafts.
  3. For message responses, select either a short message (ideal for IMs/DMs) or a longer email.
  • Short messages generate 5 options to choose from, which can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Longer emails generate a single sample response that can be edited before pasting.
  1. For draft refinement, choose between refining or elaborating on your written text.
  • Refining improves grammar and conciseness.
  • Elaborating expands upon your ideas to create a more detailed message.

Use Cases:

  • Quickly generate responses to client inquiries or customer support messages
  • Create professional email drafts to colleagues or business partners
  • Refine and polish important messages before sending
  • Elaborate on brief notes to create more detailed explanations
  • Overcome writer's block and generate new ideas

Help Me Write is a nice Shortcut for anyone looking to streamline their writing process and produce high-quality content. By generating personalized responses, refining your drafts, and elaborating on your ideas, all while keeping your data secure and private, this shortcut empowers you to write more effectively and efficiently. Download Private LLM today and start exploring the possibilities of AI-assisted writing!

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