Grocery Genius: Effortless Meal Planning using AI

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Simplify your meal planning and grocery shopping with the Grocery Genius shortcut, powered by Private LLM. This useful shortcut harnesses the power of local AI to create organized shopping lists tailored to your needs, all while keeping your data private and secure on your device.

How Grocery Genius Shortcut Works:

  1. Dictate your meal ideas to the shortcut, listing the dishes you'd like to cook.
  2. Grocery Genius processes your input using Private LLM's language model.
  3. The shortcut generates a comprehensive list of ingredients, with each item on a separate line.
  4. The shopping list is automatically added to your Reminders app, ready for your next grocery run.

Use Cases:

  • Weekly meal planning for busy professionals and families
  • Creating shopping lists for special occasions or dinner parties
  • Simplifying grocery runs by having a well-structured list
  • Ensuring you never forget essential ingredients for your favorite recipes


  • Saves time and effort in meal planning and list-making
  • Leverages the power of AI without compromising privacy
  • Promotes organized and efficient grocery shopping
  • Encourages creativity in meal ideas with the help of LLMs

Grocery Genius, in combination with Private LLM, simplifies the way you plan meals and create shopping lists. By leveraging the power of local AI, this shortcut streamlines your grocery shopping process while keeping your data secure. Try Grocery Genius today and experience the convenience of AI-powered meal planning. Download Private LLM to unlock even more AI-driven shortcuts for your daily tasks.

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