Emotional Support AI: Your Empathetic AI Powered Apple Shortcut

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Introducing Emotional Support AI, a powerful Apple Shortcut that harnesses the capabilities of AI models in Private LLM to provide personalized emotional support whenever you need it. This Apple shortcut is designed to help you navigate your feelings, offer guidance, and provide a safe space for self-reflection, all within the secure environment of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

How Emotional Support AI Works:

Emotional Support AI uses a simple, intuitive interface to guide you through the process of expressing your feelings and receiving tailored support. Here's how it works:

  1. Launch the shortcut on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and talk about your current emotional state using natural language.
  2. Select the intensity of your emotion to help the chatbot understand the depth of your feelings.
  3. Choose from a list of coping strategies, mindfulness exercises, positive affirmations, breathing exercises, or guided reflection prompts.
  4. The chatbot will generate a personalized response based on your inputs, drawing from Private LLM's advanced language models.
  5. If you feel comfortable sharing more context, you can provide additional details to help the chatbot better support you.
  6. The chatbot will offer a tailored response, combining your selected coping strategy with the power of Private LLM's AI capabilities.

Key Features

  • Utilizes Private LLM's state-of-the-art language models for empathetic, context-aware responses
  • Offers a variety of coping strategies and emotional support techniques
  • Allows users to input their emotional state and intensity for personalized support
  • Provides the option to share additional context for more targeted assistance
  • Generates human-like, compassionate responses to help users navigate their feelings

Use Cases

Emotional Support AI can be a valuable tool in various situations:

  • When you're feeling overwhelmed and need a supportive, non-judgmental listener
  • During times of stress or anxiety, to help you find calm and perspective
  • When you're struggling to process complex emotions and need guidance
  • As a daily check-in tool to promote emotional self-awareness and wellbeing
  • When you need a quick boost of positivity or encouragement


By using Emotional Support AI with Private LLM, you can:

  • Access emotional support anytime, anywhere, without sharing your data with external servers
  • Enjoy complete privacy, with all interactions securely stored on your device
  • Receive personalized, context-aware support tailored to your specific needs
  • Develop greater emotional intelligence and self-awareness through regular use
  • Save time and energy by having a supportive, empathetic AI companion at your fingertips

Getting Started with Emotional Support AI:

To start using Emotional Support AI, simply install the shortcut on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and ensure you have Private LLM installed on your device. Launch the shortcut whenever you need emotional support, and follow the prompts to receive personalized assistance. Feel free to fork this shortcut and use prompt engineering to personalize it further to your unique needs and preferences.

Emotional Support AI, powered by Private LLM, is a powerful Apple Shortcut for anyone seeking a private, empathetic local AI companion. By providing personalized emotional support and guidance, this shortcut can help you navigate life's challenges, develop greater self-awareness, and promote overall wellbeing. Try Emotional Support AI today and experience the benefits of having a supportive, understanding AI friend always by your side.

This shortcut works best with larger language models like Llama 3 8B, which can provide more nuanced, context-aware responses for emotional support.

Important Note: While Emotional Support AI can provide helpful guidance and support, it is not a replacement for professional medical advice. Always consult qualified medical experts for health-related matters. Remember that AI, like any technology, can make mistakes or provide inconsistent information. Use Emotional Support AI as a complementary tool, but rely on the expertise of trained professionals for critical concerns.

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