Easily Summarize Meeting Minutes with Local AI and Apple Shortcuts

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Keeping track of important points discussed during meetings can be a challenge, especially when dealing with lengthy transcripts. Fortunately, with the power of Private LLM and Apple Shortcuts, you can now effortlessly summarize meeting minutes right on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. In this blog post, we'll explore how the "Meeting Minutes" shortcut, combined with Private LLM's local AI capabilities, can help you stay on top of your meetings without compromising your privacy.

How the Shortcut Works:

  1. Highlight the entire meeting transcript on your iOS device or Mac
  2. Activate the "Meeting Minutes" shortcut via the share sheet on iOS or system services on macOS
  3. The shortcut passes the transcript to Private LLM, which processes the text using its advanced language models
  4. Private LLM generates a concise summary of the meeting, extracting the key points and action items
  5. The summary is returned to you, ready to be shared or saved for future reference

Key Features:

  • Processes meeting transcripts entirely on your device, ensuring data privacy
  • Generates concise summaries, saving you time and effort

Note: Tested with a single-speaker transcripts. For multi-speaker transcripts, the results may vary.

For optimal performance, we recommend using the following models with the "Meeting Minutes" shortcut:

  • Macs: Meta Llama 3 70B, Mixtral 8x7B Based Models, Solar 10.7B Based Models, or Meta Llama 3 8B Based Models
  • iPhones: Meta Llama 3 8B Based Models

To fine-tune the summary generation, experiment with the following settings:

  • Temperature: 0.7-0.9
  • Top-p Sampling: 0.9-0.95

These settings strike a balance between creativity and coherence, ensuring the generated summaries are both relevant and easy to understand.


  • Save time by quickly summarizing lengthy meeting transcripts
  • Stay organized and focused on key points and action items
  • Maintain complete privacy and data security with local AI processing
  • Enhance your productivity by integrating AI into your daily workflows

The "Meeting Minutes" shortcut, powered by Private LLM, demonstrates the incredible potential of combining local AI with Apple Shortcuts. By leveraging advanced language models and on-device processing, you can now effortlessly summarize meeting transcripts while keeping your data private and secure. This is just one example of how you can use prompt engineering, LLMs, and Apple Shortcuts to bring the power of AI into your favorite apps and workflows.

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