CtxLLM: AI Shortcut with Synthetic Memory

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Imagine having a conversation with an AI that not only understands your current query but also remembers past interactions to provide more insightful and relevant responses. Meet CtxLLM ("Context LLM"), an awesome Apple Shortcut that brings context-aware AI to your iPhone

How CtxLLM Works

CtxLLM is designed to enhance your AI interactions by storing and retrieving past interactions. Here's how it works:

  1. During your conversations, CtxLLM intelligently stores interactions that may be relevant for future use.
  2. When you engage with the AI again, CtxLLM retrieves these stored interactions and feeds them into the AI’s system prompt.
  3. The AI processes this contextual information, enabling it to provide responses that reflect a deeper understanding and synthetic memory.

Key Features

  • Contextual Awareness: CtxLLM remembers past interactions, making your AI conversations more coherent and contextually relevant.
  • Local Data Storage: Your data stays on your device, ensuring complete privacy and security.

CtxLLM is a continually evolving shortcut. While it’s currently tested to work on iOS, your experience on macOS may vary. CtxLLM is just one example of the innovative solutions you can create using Private LLM and Apple Shortcuts. With Private LLM, you can build AI-driven workflows that enhance your daily tasks while keeping your data secure and private. Download Private LLM today and start exploring the endless possibilities!

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