AI-Powered Story Generator for Kids

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The AI-Powered Story Generator is a simple Apple Shortcut that leverages the capabilities of Private LLM, a secure, local AI chatbot, to create personalized stories for your children. This shortcut simplifies the process of crafting engaging tales that cater to your child's interests, making bedtime a magical experience they'll look forward to every night.

How AI Story Generator Works:

  1. Input your child's name and favorite themes or topics
  2. Choose the gender of the hero and provide a name
  3. Select the hero's age
  4. Specify the genre and story type
  5. Private LLM generates a unique, personalized bedtime story based on the input

Key Features

  • Customizable hero gender, age, and name
  • Incorporates current location, weather, and more for immersive storytelling
  • Supports various genres and story types
  • Offline and local functionality ensures privacy and security

Use Cases

  • Creating unique stories tailored to your child's interests
  • Encouraging a love for storytelling and reading
  • Sparking your child's imagination with personalized tales
  • Generating stories on-the-go, even without an internet connection


  • Saves time and effort in crafting unique stories
  • Engages children with stories that cater to their interests
  • Promotes creativity and imagination through AI-generated personalized storytelling
  • Ensures privacy and security with offline, on-device functionality
  • Offers a convenient, accessible way to bond with your child

One of the most exciting aspects of the AI-Powered Story Generator is the ability to customize and fine-tune the shortcut using prompt engineering. By modifying the input prompts and experimenting with different combinations of themes, genres, and story elements, you can create a truly unique storytelling experience tailored to your child's preferences. Prompt engineering allows you to guide the AI language model towards generating stories that align with your family's values, interests, and imagination. Whether you want to emphasize specific moral lessons, incorporate your child's favorite characters, or explore new fantastical worlds, prompt engineering empowers you to make the AI-Powered Story Generator your own. So, dive in, experiment, and unleash the full potential of AI-generated storytelling to create unforgettable moments with your child.

This shortcut works best with larger language models like Llama 3 8B

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