Uncensored AI Chatbot for iPhone/Mac: No Login or Tracking

Are you searching for a ChatGPT alternative that lets you engage with large language models without the need for internet access, registration, login, or an API key? Look no further than Private LLM, the chatbot app that brings the power of uncensored AI conversations to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, optimized for Apple Silicon. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of running LLMs locally and introduce you to the best GPT models available in Private LLM for uncensored conversation, including some that can handle NSFW topics and even roleplay scenarios.

Why Uncensored AI Models?

Having uncensored AI models available locally and offline opens up a wide range of possibilities for users. Some of the key use cases include:

  1. Creative Writing and Storytelling: Uncensored AI models can help writers explore diverse themes, characters, and storylines without the constraints of content filters. This can lead to more authentic and engaging stories, even if they involve mature or sensitive topics.

  2. Roleplay and Gaming: Roleplaying enthusiasts can use uncensored AI to create immersive, dynamic experiences tailored to their preferences. The AI can adapt to various scenarios and characters, providing a more realistic and engaging roleplay session.

  3. Therapy and Mental Health: In some cases, individuals may feel more comfortable discussing sensitive or personal issues with an AI chatbot that doesn't impose judgments or restrictions. Uncensored AI models can provide a safe space for users to express themselves freely and explore their thoughts and feelings.

  4. Research and Analysis: Researchers studying language, human behavior, or social dynamics can benefit from uncensored AI models. These models can help analyze unfiltered human communication patterns and provide insights into various topics without the bias of content moderation.

  5. Artistic Expression: Artists, musicians, and other creatives can use uncensored AI to push boundaries, explore controversial themes, and create thought-provoking works that challenge societal norms and expectations.

Run LLMs Locally Without Subscription

Running language models locally on your device offers several key benefits:

  1. Privacy: Your data remains on your device, ensuring complete privacy and security, even for NSFW conversations or roleplaying with the chatbot.
  2. No Registration, Login, or API Key Required: Start using the chatbot app immediately without the hassle of creating an account, remembering passwords, or managing API keys.
  3. Offline Access: Engage with the AI chatbot even without an internet connection, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Works anywhere, from 30,000 feet up in the sky to a deep dark forest or a remote wilderness, allowing you to roleplay in any setting.
  4. Free Model Downloads Forever: Pay once and download new models at no extra cost for as long as you like, giving you ongoing access to the newest uncensored AI models with no subscription required. And if you're not satisfied with the app, you can always request a refund through the App Store.

Best Uncensored AI Models for iPhone and iPad

Dolphin 2.9 Llama 3 8B 🐬

Dolphin 2.9 is an AI model derived from Meta Llama 3 8B model that offers unfiltered AI capabilities on iOS devices. This GPT model tackles advanced AI applications like programming, dialog systems, and following directions, all from your iPhone or iPad. It can even handle NSFW topics and role-play scenarios.

This model was built by Eric Hartford, Lucas Atkins, Fernando Fernandes, and Cognitive Computations using the Llama 3 series as a foundation. Aiming to provide an organic, unrestrained interaction, Dolphin 2.9 generates responses without moderation. It capably handles intricate, multifaceted requests, catering to users who need thorough, uncensored answers from the chatbot, including for roleplaying purposes.

For the ultimate unfiltered AI conversation on iOS, Dolphin 2.9 Llama 3 8B is the top choice. Tuned for devices with at least 6GB RAM like newer iPhones, this robust language model delivers unhindered AI exchanges on mobile, even for NSFW roleplay.

Screenshot of Dolphin 2.9 Llama 3 8B Uncensored running on iPhone
Dolphin 2.9 Llama 3 8B Uncensored running on iPhone

Kappa-3 Phi Abliterated 🐬

Kappa-3 Phi Abliterated is based on the Microsoft Phi-3 Mini model. This model is available for download on all devices with 6GB or more RAM, including older models like the iPhone 13.

Designed to be uncensored and skilled at problem-solving, the Kappa-3 Phi Abliterated model offers users unconstrained insights, enhanced problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and efficient responses. It's perfect for those seeking a ChatGPT alternative that can handle NSFW content, roleplay, and other unrestricted interactions.

Screenshot of Kappa-3 Phi Abliterated Running Locally on iPhone
Kappa-3 Phi Abliterated Running Locally on iPhone

Dolphin 2.8 Mistral 7b v0.2 🐬

Dolphin 2.8 Mistral 7b v0.2 is based on Mistral-7b-v0.2, a base model from MistralAI. Created by Eric Hartford and Cognitive Computations, this AI chatbot has wide-ranging instruction, conversation, and coding skills. The dataset was filtered to remove alignment and bias, making it uncensored and highly compliant, even for nsfw or roleplay requests. It runs well locally on iPhones and iPads with 6GB+ RAM like iPhone 13 Pro and newer.

Screenshot of Dolphin 2.8 Mistral 7b v0.2 Uncensored running on iPhone
Dolphin 2.8 Mistral 7b v0.2 Uncensored running on iPhone

Dolphin 2.6 Phi-2 🐬

The Dolphin 2.6 Phi-2 model by Eric Hartford and Fernando Fernandes uses Phi-2 as its foundation. This chatbot is very agreeable to any request, including uncensored topics or AI roleplay, so please use it responsibly. It performs well on most iPhones with at least 4GB RAM, running locally with no internet needed.

Screenshot of Dolphin 2.6 Phi-2 Uncensored running on iPhone
Dolphin 2.6 Phi-2 Uncensored running on iPhone

Best Uncensored AI Models for Mac

Macs support all the uncensored models available on iOS, with the only difference being that while only some uncensored iOS models are 4-bit OmniQuant quantized, such as Kappa-3 Phi Abliterated, and models like Dolphin 2.9 Llama 3 8B are 3-bit OmniQuant quantized, all Mac models are 4-bit OmniQuant quantized. This allows for superior performance on Mac hardware.

In addition to the models mentioned for iOS, Mac users have access to even larger and more powerful uncensored AI models within Private LLM:

Dolphin 2.6 Mixtral 8x7b 🐬

Dolphin Mixtral-8x7b has been fine-tuned to create this GPT model. It shines in programming tasks thanks to significant training using coding data and is recognized for its compliance, despite the absence of DPO tuning. It can also handle NSFW topics and role-play scenarios without censorship.

The model has been stripped of alignment and bias, and lacks censorship. Created by Eric Hartford, Dolphin 2.6 Mixtral 8x7b 🐬 offers a powerful, uncensored AI chatbot experience. This model performs optimally on Apple Silicon Macs with at least 32GB RAM, providing outstanding performance and uncensored interactions, even for roleplaying. Users are advised to exercise responsibility when using this highly compliant chatbot model.

Screenshot of Dolphin 2.6 Mixtral 8x7b Uncensored running on Mac
Dolphin 2.6 Mixtral 8x7b Uncensored Running on Mac

WizardLM 33B v1.0 Uncensored

This model is derived from the WizardLM/WizardLM_evol_instruct_V2_196k dataset, which has been curated to eliminate responses that are evasive, prejudiced, or involve refusal to engage. It is important to note that this GPT model does not have built-in content filters, meaning it may generate NSFW content or engage in roleplaying if prompted to do so.

For the best experience with this unrestrained AI chatbot model, it is recommended to use a Mac computer equipped with an Apple Silicon processor and a minimum of 24GB of memory.

Given the model's high level of compliance, users are advised to exercise caution and use it in a responsible manner, especially when it comes to NSFW topics or role-play scenarios.

Screenshot of WizardLM 33B v1.0 Uncensored running on Mac
WizardLM 33B v1.0 Uncensored Running on Mac

Dolphin 2.1 Mistral 7B 🐬

Dolphin 2.1 Mistral 7B 🐬, developed by Eric Hartford, is based on Microsoft's Orca paper. This GPT model emphasizes the use of system prompts and chain-of-thought, and is intentionally designed without censorship, allowing for NSFW conversations and roleplaying. The model has been further improved by incorporating Jon Durbin's high-quality Airoboros dataset. It's important to note that uncensored models have the potential to produce content that may be inappropriate for publication. Users bear the responsibility for the output generated using this chatbot model and are encouraged to exercise caution and use it judiciously, especially for NSFW roleplay.

This model is compatible with both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, making uncensored conversations accessible to a broad user base.

Screenshot of Dolphin 2.1 Mistral 7B Uncensored running on Mac
Dolphin 2.1 Mistral 7B Uncensored Running on Mac

Responsible and Lawful Use of Uncensored AI

While uncensored AI models offer numerous benefits and opportunities, it is crucial for users to exercise responsibility and adhere to legal guidelines when interacting with these chatbots. Always ensure that your conversations and interactions with the AI remain within the bounds of the law and do not promote or engage in illegal activities.

It is also essential to consider the potential impact of your interactions on others and to use uncensored AI models ethically and respectfully. Refrain from using these models to create content that is discriminatory, hateful, or harmful to individuals or groups.

Remember that the output generated by uncensored AI models is ultimately the responsibility of the user. Exercise caution and use your best judgment when engaging with these chatbots, especially in sensitive or NSFW contexts.

How to Use Uncensored AI Models

Ready to experience the power of uncensored AI models without the need for registration, login, or an API key? Download Private LLM from the App Store today and start running advanced language models locally on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Engage in NSFW conversations, roleplay scenarios, or any other uncensored interactions with ease using this ChatGPT alternative. With a one-time payment, you can download new models for free forever, ensuring you always have access to the latest uncensored GPT models without any recurring subscription fees.

The core purpose of Private LLM is to prioritize your privacy above all else. The app has no analytics, surveillance, or tracking whatsoever, giving you peace of mind while engaging in the most intimate conversations with AI chatbot models, including NSFW roleplay. On the App Store, you can clearly see that Private LLM does not collect any data linked to you or used to track you. You don't have to take our word for it. You can always use apps like Little Snitch or Wireshark while using Private LLM to verify that this is truly the case.

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